Dec 15, 2022
Cold resistance and antifreeze technical measures of vegetables

1.Pay attention to the weather. Through radio, television, SMS, wechat and other means, pay attention to and grasp the weather changes in time, enhance safety awareness and risk prevention awareness, and make preparations for disaster weather response such as low temperature, strong wind and snow as soon as possible.


2.Reinforce the skeleton. In order to prevent the snow from crushing the facility structure, the facility framework shall be inspected in time, and the severely rusted steel pipe or aging and broken bamboo pole shall be repaired and replaced. The shed with poor snow pressure resistance shall be set up with columns as soon as possible, reinforced and renovated. The back roof of the solar greenhouse shall be covered with film to prevent the wall from being damaged by snow infiltration. Prepare snow cleaning tools such as snow shovel and snow remover in advance to remove the snow in time.

3.Reasonable fertilizer and water. Before fruit setting, water as little as possible. If the soil is dry, water it appropriately. When watering, use alginic acid and biological bacterial agent and other fertilizers. When watering is not needed, spray supplementary fertilizer on the leaf surface; If the plant has a long jointing, it can be adjusted by properly controlling water, nitrogen and night temperature. It is forbidden to use prosperity control agents, and it can be adjusted with functional fertilizers. After fruit setting, watering shall be carried out in the morning of continuous sunny weather. Combined with drip irrigation and fertilization, a small amount of fertilizer shall be applied for many times. The content of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium of water-soluble fertilizer of a large number of elements shall be selected according to the growth trend, 2-5kg / Mu each time; Adding medium and trace elements such as calcium, magnesium, boron, zinc and iron, combined with spraying leaf fertilizer such as alginic acid, fish protein and chitin, is conducive to flower bud differentiation and improve yield and quality.

  1. Auxiliary heating. Prepare Yuba heat conversion bulb, electric heater, automatic heating fan, air heating line, electric blast furnace, emergency heating fuel block, oil hot blast furnace, stove and other auxiliary heating items, so as to heat up in time when the cold wave strikes. When the greenhouse temperature of warm vegetables continues to be lower than 5 ℃ and the greenhouse temperature of cold and cool  vegetables continues to be lower than 0 ℃, it shall be heated in time. A ground hotline can also be laid in the soil of the cultivation border in  advance, and the ground temperature and air temperature can be increased by energizing if necessary.
  5.Light management. In case of insufficient light due to multi-layer coverage and cloudy and rainy weather, the fog drops and dust on the shed film shall be cleaned in time to ensure the light transmittance of the shed film. A reflective curtain is hung on the back wall of the  green house to clean up the old and diseased leaves and increase the light transmittance within the plant population. Timely preparation    of plant growth lights, LED lights and other supplementary equipment should be made in conditional areas.