Dec 13, 2022
There are not enough hands to maintain the lawn after it is paved, and at the same time, there is a lack of experience in lawn maintenance and management, resulting in a lot of lawn weeds, increased pests and diseases, and greatly reduced aesthetics due to poor management and maintenance. Some construction sites even need to be replaced once a year.
Current situation of lawn maintenance in China:
Mowing: 3-5 times a year, mainly with mowers or irrigation mowers
Fertilization: 0-2 times
Irrigation: 0-5 times
Weed control: 1-2 times, mainly manual weeding
Pest control: 0-1 times
Sanding: 0
Punch: 0
Weeding: 0
1、 Pruning
Mow the lawn regularly in the peak season of lawn growth every year, and do not mow the lawn when the lawn stops growing in autumn and winter.
2、 Fertilization
From March to October, the biological seaweed fertilizer is watered once a month to ensure the quality and growth of the lawn.
3、 Irrigation
Irrigation as appropriate according to rainfall conditions. Irrigation principle: do not dry or irrigate. Each irrigation should penetrate the soil 300 mm deep in the root layer. At the same time, drainage ditches should be built to prevent ponding in the rainy season.
4、 Weed control
According to the type of lawn and the types of weeds, select the appropriate chemicals for control.
5、 Pest control
Summer and autumn are the high incidence period of diseases and pests, so the diseases and pests that will occur can be prevented in advance, such as the use of broad-spectrum fungicides to prevent diseases. If there are diseases and pests, we must prevent and control them in time to prevent more lawn damage.
6、 Sand laying and drilling
It can promote the growth of lawn roots, contribute to the recovery of lawn and the growth of new grass, and prevent lawn from trampling and hardening.
7、 Remove withered grass
When the dead grass layer of the lawn is too thick, the grass should be thinned in time to remove the dead grass, which is conducive to the growth of new grass.
In conclusion, lawn management and maintenance is a process of comprehensive action of many factors, in which all links are independent, complementary and interactive. If you relax the maintenance of any one of them, the lawn will not grow well.

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