Plant Extract Ascophyllum Nodosum Powder

Products Mode: F663N
Place of Origin: China
Material: kelp
Colors: black

Practice at home and abroad has proved that seaweed can significantly improve the quality of agricultural products and increase their commodity value. For example, it can increase the oil content of oil crops, increase the sugar content of sugar crops, and increase the sweetness, flavor and coloring of fruits

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Brand: Dorcas
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ITEMS content
Alginate acid 18%
N ≥0.8%
P2O5 ≥1.5%
K2O ≥18%
Organic matter ≥45%



Spraying Dilute it with water 2000-3000 times ,spray 3 times in whole growing period
Drip Irrigation Dilute it with water 800-1000 times, apply 2-3 times in whole growing period


Seaweed fertilizer can provide vegetables with various nutrient elements, such as amino acids, polysaccharides, vitamins and cytokinins, etc., help vegetables to establish a strong root system, improve their absorption and utilization of soil nutrients, water and gas; increase the stalks of plants Vascular cells to speed up the transportation of water, nutrients and photosynthetic organic products; increase crop yield, quality, and enhance crop resistance to cold, drought, and disease; break soil compaction and delay soil salinization.


The phenolic polymers and betaine in the seaweed fertilizer regulate the osmotic pressure of the cell fluid and chloroplast, and protect a series of enzymes from being transformed into active resistance chemicals in the cells damaged by drought, cold, and insect diseases. Its resistance to insects, fungi, nematodes, aphids and cold and drought resistance. The iodide, copper, zinc in seaweed fertilizer are combined with humic salt, acting on crops as a chemically stable anti-disease fungicide.

Package: 25kg/bag  20kg/carton or according to customers' requirements