At present, Qingdao Dorcas Biotech Company has developed a series of organic liquid kelp fertilizers for field crop production, greenhouse vegetables, and orchard planting, which has brought significant input and output benefits to farmers. In the Shouguang picking garden in Weifang, the melons, vegetables, and tea in the garden are sprayed with leaves, rooted, and drip irrigation. The kelp fertilizer is used throughout the year. After a third-party professional organization, the VC content in tomatoes is 26% higher than ordinary tomatoes, the sweet-sour ratio is excellent. 

Judging from the application test of tomato production, if the seaweed fertilizer is diluted by 600 times and sprayed about three times, the yield can be increased by 8%-12%, and the soil can be adjusted by using 20 to 30 liters per acre. The acidity and alkalinity can reduce the content of heavy metals in the soil and increase the content of organic matter in the soil, so that farmers can achieve the desire of fertilizing the land and improving the quality and production.