Biological Enzymatic Green Seaweed Extract Powder

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Place of Origin: China
Material: kelp
Colors: green

Seaweed fertilizer and series of products are very suitable for the production of green food and organic food in our country, and its effects make up for the shortcomings of our traditional organic fertilizers in large amounts and slow fertilizer efficiency.

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Product Information:  alginic acid has been used in agriculture for a long time. The seaweed used as fertilizer is generally large-scale economic algae, such as macroalgae, leaf algae, sea cyst, etc. The development of seaweed fertilizer has gone through three stages: rotten seaweed → seaweed ash (powder) → seaweed extract. The core substance in seaweed fertilizer is pure natural seaweed extract. The main raw material is selected from natural seaweed. After a special biochemical process, the essence of seaweed is extracted, which greatly retains natural active components and contains a large amount of non-nitrogen-containing organic matter, There are more than 40 kinds of mineral elements and rich vitamins such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc, iodine, etc. which are unmatched by terrestrial plants, especially containing the unique seaweed polysaccharides, alginic acid, highly unsaturated fatty acids and a variety of natural plants. Growth regulators have high biological activity, can stimulate the production of non-specific active factors in plants, and regulate the balance of endogenous hormones



Seaweed fertilizer is rich in organic matter and slow-release factors, has a long fertilizer effect, can improve soil micro-ecology, live soil promotes roots and resists repeated stubble. After the application of crops, the yield and quality have been significantly improved. Leafy vegetables have increased by more than 20%, grain crops have increased by more than 15%, fruit trees have increased by 10%-30%, and the number of first-class fruits has increased to more than 80%, which can significantly improve tobacco The quality of economic crops such as, cotton, flowers, etc., especially for greenhouse vegetable crops, has a significant effect in increasing production and value-added.

Package: 1kg/aluminum bag ,25kg/bag


Spraying Dilute it with water 600-800 times
Drip Irrigation Dilute it with water 300-400 times