Pure Liquid Seaweed Extract Fertilizer

Products Mode: N0816V
Place of Origin: China
Material: kelp
Colors: dark brown

Seaweed fertilizer can directly increase organic matter in the soil or through plants, and activate various beneficial microorganisms in the soil. These microorganisms can act as catalysts in the metabolic cycle of plants and microorganisms, increasing the biological effectiveness of the soil. Metabolites of plants and soil microorganisms can provide more nutrients for plants.

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Alginate 60g/L
N 80g/L
P2O5 15g/L
 K2O 60g/L 
Organic matter 130g/L
 Zn(EDTA) 5g/L

The chelating system formed by algal polysaccharides can release nutrients slowly and prolong the fertilizer effect. In addition, the natural compounds it contains, such as sodium alginate, are natural soil conditioners, which can promote the formation of soil aggregate structure, improve the internal pore space of the soil, coordinate the ratio of solid, liquid, and gas in the soil, and restore the The natural gum balance lost by chemical pollution increases soil biological vitality, promotes the release of nutrients, is conducive to root growth, and improves crop resistance and resistance to repeated cropping.

At present, there is no clear classification of seaweed fertilizer, and it can be roughly divided into several types:

1. According to the distribution ratio of nutrients, it is divided into broad-spectrum and disease-resistant models according to functions, which are suitable for all crops.

2. According to the physical state, it can be divided into solid seaweed fertilizer (powder, granule); liquid seaweed fertilizer (liquid foliar fertilizer, flushing fertilizer).

3. According to the additional effective ingredients, it can be divided into humic acid-containing seaweed fertilizer, amino acid-containing seaweed fertilizer, chitin-containing seaweed fertilizer, and rare earth element-containing seaweed fertilizer.

4. Seaweed bacterial fertilizer is a product made by microbial fermentation by directly using the residues of seaweed or its active substances.

5. According to the application method, it can be divided into foliar fertilizer; flushing fertilizer; soaking seeds, dressing seeds, dipping root seaweed fertilizer, etc.

Package:1L/bottle  5L/bottle