Liquid Chitosan Fertilizer

Products Mode: Elim-08
Place of Origin: China
Material: Crab shell & shrimp
Colors: dark brown

(1) Use during the critical period of crop growth, including seed, seedling stage, before or after planting, before flowering, swelling or filling stage, etc.; (2) Before or at the initial stage of adversity, including freezing damage, drought, waterlogging, disease, etc., more than 1 day before the occurrence.

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Port: Qingdao
Brand: Dorcas
Min. Order: 25kgs
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Chitooligosaccharides are also called oligoglucosamine and chitooligosaccharides. Because of its good water solubility, easy absorption, and unique functions, it is widely used in wastewater treatment, food industry, textiles, chemicals, daily chemicals, agriculture, biological engineering, and medicine.Chitosan is a natural preservative with good film-forming properties and a certain selective osmotic effect. It can change the gas composition inside the fruit tissue and reduce the evaporation loss, thereby inhibiting fruit rot and deterioration; plus its broad-spectrum Antibacterial properties, so it can be widely used in the preservation of fruits and vegetables. The United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Sweden have used this technology in actual production. Japan uses chitosan as the main ingredient to make a fresh-keeping agent, which is used to coat or soak fruits and vegetables to form a film. This film has good air permeability and can prevent fruits and vegetables from rot, and the storage time is longer than that of untreated ones. 2 to 3 times. Moreover, the taste does not change, and the commercial property is good. Chen Anhe et al. found that the treatment of strawberries with 1% to 2% chitosan solution can extend its storage period at room temperature. 


Oligo chitosan 25g/L N 45/L   P2O50 10g/L  K2O 80g/L    Organic matter 130g/L  Zn(EDTA)5g/L

Efficacy: Promote the production of roots and promote the germination of plant seeds

Strong bactericidal ability, improve soil

Improve crop quality and increase yield

Package:1L/bottle 5L/bottle  200L Drum


Spraying dilute it with water 600-800 times
Drip Irrigation

dilute it with water 300-400 times