Liquid Chitosan Fertilizer Manufacturer

Products Mode: AX6000
Place of Origin: China
Material: Crab shell & shrimp
Colors: black

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Port: Qingdao
Brand: Dorcas
Min. Order: 25kgs
Delivery: within 3 workdays

Made into slow-release materials for pesticides and fertilizers Chitooligosaccharides can be made into slow-release materials for herbicides and urea, and can also be made into biological pesticides such as "chitin synthesis inhibitors". Clandosan, a nematicidal pesticide in the United States, is mainly composed of chitosan oligosaccharides and has a certain fertilizer effect.


ITEMS content
Oligo chitosan 25g/L
N 45g/L
P2O5 10g/
K2O 80g/L
Organic matter 130g/L 
Zn(EDTA) 5g/L
Spraying Dilute it with water 400 `~600 times, spray once every 4-5 days, 2-3 times in whole period
irrigation 15-20L/HA


1 No pollution: Agricultural chitosan oligosaccharides are easy to degrade in the environment, will not pollute the environment at all, and have the characteristics of dual biological regulation functions.
2 Live root state: Agricultural chitosan fully activates the rhizosphere state, dissolves nutrient molecules, and quickly forms a soil solution, so that nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other nutrients can be fully and effectively absorbed by plants.
3 Improve quality: Agricultural chitosan can increase crop yield and improve crop quality. This is also the reason why agricultural chitooligosaccharides are popular among farmers.