Chitosan 85% Deacetylation

Products Mode: HS81X6
Place of Origin: China
Material: Crab shell & shrimp
Colors: WHITE

The United States and Canada use Chitooligosaccharides to make fruit preservatives, which can last up to 9 months.

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Port: Qingdao
Brand: Dorcas
Min. Order: 25kgs
Delivery: within 3 workdays
Items Specifications
Appearance Off White Powder
DAC ≥85%
Average Molecular Weight ≤3000DA
Ash               ≤5%


Mesh size       ≤100Mesh
Insolubles      ≤1%

Efficacy: Promote the production of roots and promote the germination of plant seeds

Strong bactericidal ability, improve soil

Improve crop quality and increase yield


Chitooligosaccharide water-based soil amendment can improve soil aggregate structure, increase strawberry yield, and reduce soil moisture evaporation. There are soilless cultivation liquid fertilizers composed of chitosan oligosaccharides and trace elements in foreign markets.