Chitin Chitosan

Products Mode: Elim-04
Place of Origin: China
Material: Crab shell & shrimp
Colors: white

Animal feed additives such as fish and chicken, chitosan can be fed to red sea bream and lionfish to promote growth. It can also be used as a chicken feed additive.

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Port: Qingdao
Brand: Dorcas
Min. Order: 25kgs
Delivery: within 3 workdays
Items Specifications
Appearance Off White Powder
DAC ≥85%
Average Molecular Weight ≤3000DA
Ash               ≤5%


Mesh size       ≤100Mesh
Insolubles      ≤1%

Package: 25kg/drum

Chitooligosaccharide is not a conventional fertilizer, but it can activate plant cells, promote the formation of plant callus and the absorption of nutrients such as nitrogen and potassium, so it has the effect of promoting the growth and development of plant cells, and can increase crop yield and improve quality. Chitooligosaccharide is not a fungicide, but it can activate the activity of plant enzymes and induce the plant system to acquire disease resistance. Thereby reducing the use of pesticides and reducing environmental pollution. This is of great significance in green agricultural production. Some aspects of oligochitosan physiological mechanism, chemical structure and activity relationship, and application technology need to be further studied.


Seed treatment agent and plant growth regulator Chitosan is used to treat wheat, corn, rice and other grains, cucumber, tomato and other vegetable seeds and mulberry, soybean, cotton and other economic crop seeds or plants. On the one hand, it can use its own film-forming properties to maintain moisture in the seeds, on the other hand It can also block the invasion of pathogenic bacteria in the soil. It can be mixed with other agents, growth regulators, fertilizers, etc. to form a seed coating agent, which can increase the germination rate and germination potential of seeds, promote root growth, and increase the dry weight and plant height of seedlings. And chlorophyll content, photosynthesis intensity, yield, soluble protein, enzyme activity and other qualities are improved and improved.