Water Soluble Chitosan Oligosaccharides

Products Mode: Elim-07
Place of Origin: China
Material: Crab shell & shrimp
Colors: light yellow

Chitooligosaccharides are used as plant growth regulators for seed treatment. Chitooligosaccharides are used for seed treatment and seed coating, which can enhance plant disease resistance and regulate plant growth.

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As compared with most polymer compounds, chitosan oligosaccharides and their derivatives have the advantages of non-toxicity, tastelessness, good environmental compatibility, high activity, and biodegradability. The application research has developed greatly since the 1970s. In the 1980s, applied research tended to develop towards high value-added products, such as cosmetics, food additives, semi-permeable membranes, medicinal carriers, medicines, etc., and there are broad prospects for agricultural applications.

ITEMS Specifications
Appearance Light yellow powder
Average Molecular Weight ≤ 1000
D.A.C % 90
Ash % ≤ 5
Moisture % ≤ 10

Efficacy:Activate the plant's own innate immune system Generally, the degree of polymerization of chitosan oligosaccharides is 2-10, and the distribution of its acetyl groups on the chitosan molecular chain is random, and its number and position have a great influence on the activity of chitosan oligosaccharides. The degree of deacetylation of chitosan oligosaccharides varies greatly due to the deacetylation process. That is, under the same conditions, the higher the degree of deacetylation, the more free radicals and the higher the antibacterial activity of chitosan oligosaccharides.