Natural Foliar Organic Liquid Seaweed Fertilizer

Products Mode: EC61V3
Place of Origin: China
Material: kelp
Colors: green

From December to April of each year, when the sea water temperature drops to between 13°C and 5°C, it is the time when kelp grows rapidly. During this period, the old Qingdao, who likes to drive the sea, would go to the beach to pick up wakame.

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Port: Qingdao
Brand: Dorcas
Min. Order: 2 MTS
Delivery: within 2 weeks

Ingredients: Alginate 60g/L N 80/L   P2O50 15g/L  K2O 60g/L    Organic matter 130g/L  Zn(EDTA)5g/L



Dilute it with water for 800-1200 times.




The unique seaweed polysaccharides, alginic acid, highly unsaturated fatty acids and other substances in seaweed have high biological activity and can stimulate the production of non-specific active factors in plants. At the same time, the seaweed fertilizer also contains natural plant growth regulators, such as auxins, cytokinins, and gibberellins. The proportions are similar to those of the hormones in terrestrial plants, and they have a good regulation of the balance of endogenous hormones. effect. After the application of crops, the yield and quality have been significantly improved. Leafy vegetables have increased by more than 20%, grain crops have increased by more than 15%, fruit trees have increased by 10%-30%, and the number of first-class fruits has increased to more than 80%, which can significantly improve tobacco The quality of economic crops such as, cotton, flowers, etc., especially for greenhouse vegetable crops, has a significant effect in increasing production and value-added.

Package: 1L/bottle 5L/bottle  200LDrum  1000L IBC