Jun 15, 2023
1. The  function of amino acids
Increase synthetic chlorophyll, regulate open stomata, and resist pathogens;
Enhance root development, is the precursor of plant endogenous hormone polyamine synthesis, and improve the ability of crops to resist salt stress;
3)Aspartic acid
Improves seed germination, protein synthesis, and nitrogen supply for growth during stressful times;
Contains amino acids to maintain cell function and sulfur as an antioxidant;

Reduce nitrate content in crops; improve seed germination, promote leaf photosynthesis, and increase chlorophyll biosynthesis;
It has a unique effect on the photosynthesis of crops, which is beneficial to the growth of crops, increases the content of crop sugar, and is a natural metal chelating agent;
Regulates stomatal opening and provides precursors of carbon skeleton hormones, catalyzing enzymes for cytokinin synthesis;
8)Isoleucine and Leucine
Improve resistance to salt stress, improve pollen vigor and germination, and aroma precursors;
Enhance chlorophyll synthesis and increase drought tolerance;
10) Methionine
Precursors for the synthesis of plant endogenous hormones ethylene and polyamines;
Promote the synthesis of lignin, the precursor of anthocyanin synthesis;
Increase plant tolerance to osmotic stress, improve plant stress resistance and pollen vigor;

Participate in cell tissue differentiation and promote germination;
Improve tolerance and insect pest damage, improve humification process;
The precursor for the synthesis of the endogenous hormone auxin indoleacetic acid, which improves the synthesis of aromatic compounds;

Increase drought tolerance and improve pollen germination;
Improve seed germination rate and improve crop flavor.
2 the advantages of amino acid fertilizers
1) Amino acids can promote photosynthesis in plants Glycine in amino acids can increase the content of plant chlorophyll, promote the absorption and utilization of carbon dioxide by crops, increase power for photosynthesis, and make photosynthesis more vigorous.

2)a variety of amino acid mixed nutrition effect is good The effect of amino acid mixed fertilizer is higher than that of a single amino acid with the same amount of nitrogen, and it is also higher than that of inorganic nitrogen fertilizer with the same amount of nitrogen. A large number of amino acids improve nutrient utilization with its additive effect.

3)Fast fertilizer effect Amino acids in amino acid fertilizers can be directly absorbed by various organs of plants, passively absorbed or osmotically absorbed under photosynthesis, and obvious effects can be observed in a short period of time after use. At the same time, it can promote the early maturity of crops and shorten the growth cycle.
4)Improve crop quality Abundant amino acid species can improve crop quality. If the protein content of grain is increased by 3%, the cotton velvety is good and the fiber is long.
5)Clean and pollution-free, improve the ecological environment The amino acid fertilizer applied to the ground has no residue, which can improve the physical and chemical properties of the soil, improve the water and fertility retention and air permeability, and play the role of conservation, curing and soil improvement.

6)Enhanced metabolic function and improved resistance to stress When amino acids are absorbed by crops, their physiological and biochemical functions can be strengthened. The stems of the crops are thick, the leaves are thickened, and the leaf area is enlarged. The formation and accumulation of dry matter accelerates the early maturity of crops, and also due to the enhancement of their own vitality, the resistance to cold and drought, the resistance to dry and hot wind, the resistance to diseases and insect pests, and the resistance to lodging are improved, thereby achieving stable and high yield.

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