Liquid Amino Acid Fertilizer

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Place of Origin: China
Material: plant source
Colors: dark brown

The domestic and international market demand and potential of amino acid fertilizer are huge, the social, economic and ecological benefits are significant and lasting, and the development prospects are broad.

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Brand: Dorcas
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Amino acids exist in fertilizers as the smallest molecules that constitute proteins, and they are easily absorbed by crops; they also have the function of improving the disease resistance of fertilized objects and improving the quality of fertilized crops. Supplement essential amino acids for plants, stimulate and regulate the rapid growth of plants, promote healthy growth of plants, and promote the absorption of nutrients. Enhance the metabolic function of plants, improve photosynthesis, promote the development of plant roots, and accelerate plant growth and reproduction


ITEMS content
Amino acid 120g/L
N +P2O5+K2O ≥80g/L
Organic matter 130g/L 
Fe(EDTA) 5g/L

:1L/bottle  5L/bottle


Spraying dilute it with water 600-800 times
Drip Irrigation dilute it with water 300-400 times