Agricultural Seaweed Extract Flake

Products Mode: Rugosa-02
Place of Origin: China
Material: kelp
Colors: black

Seaweed fertilizer has huge market demand and potential at home and abroad, and its social, economic, and ecological benefits are significant and lasting, and its development prospects are broad.

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Port: Qingdao
Brand: Dorcas
Min. Order: 2 MTS
Delivery: within 2 weeks

Applying Crops: Vegetables, fruit ,flowers, crops and so on

Ingredients: Alginate acid 18%  N≥0.8%  P2O5≥1.5% K2O≥18% Organic matter≥45%



To dilute 1:2000 Dosage:1-1.5kg/Ha

1.  The crops with once picking: To spray 3-4 times in whole growing period

2.  The crops with several picking: To spray after each picking

Drip Irrigation

1.   To dilute it with water 1000 times. Dosage:1.5-3 kg/Ha

2.   To apply 3-4 times in whole growing period

The large-scale industrialized production and wide application of seaweed fertilizer is essential for the in-depth development and full use of my country’s rich seaweed resources, for promoting the production of pollution-free, green and organic food in my country, improving the quality and safety of agricultural products, and promoting the healthy development and development of the planting industry. The implementation of the pollution-free food action plan has important and far-reaching significance for increasing agricultural efficiency, increasing farmers' income, improving and protecting the ecological environment, and enhancing national health.