Pure Organic Liquid Seaweed Fertilizer

Products Mode: Weigela-04
Place of Origin: China
Material: kelp
Colors: dark brown

Wakame, kelp, and laver are the three large seaweeds that people often eat. Among them, kelp contains the most nutrients and is known as the "king of seaweed" and "vegetables in the sea." More than 400 years ago, kelp was used as a tribute to the Japanese imperial family. Until now, Japanese people use wakame in their seafood soup almost every day.

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Port: Qingdao
Brand: Dorcas
Min. Order: 2 MTS
Delivery: within 2 weeks

Ingredients: Alginate 60g/L N 80/L P2O5 15g/L K2O 60g/L Organic matter 130g/L Zn(EDTA) 5g/L

Applying Crops: Vegetables, fruit ,flowers, crops and so on.


Spraying dilute it with water 600-800 times
Drip Irrigation dilute it with water 300-400 times

Product Information: Seaweed fertilizer contains a large number of disease-resistant factors and special ingredients, and the fertilizer and medicine have double effect. After crops are applied, the stress resistance and disease resistance are significantly enhanced, and foliar spraying can improve the effect of pesticides.

 a. Seaweed fertilizer can improve the vitality and immunity of crops, inhibit the damage of pests and diseases, and has obvious prevention and control effects on viruses. It can also reduce the damage to crops caused by drought, waterlogging, low temperature, and salinity, which is beneficial to crops. Recovery after the disaster.

b. Phenolic polymers and betaine in seaweed fertilizer regulate the osmotic pressure of cell sap and chloroplasts, and protect a series of enzymes from being transformed into active resistance chemicals in cells damaged by drought, cold, and insect diseases. Strong resistance to insects, fungi, nematodes, aphids and cold and drought resistance. The iodide, copper, zinc in seaweed fertilizer are combined with humic salt, acting on crops as a chemically stable anti-disease fungicide.