Chitosan powder organic fertilizer

Products Mode: HS81X7
Place of Origin: China
Material: Crab shell & shrimp
Colors: white

Chitin is insoluble in water and difficult to be absorbed and utilized, so it is necessary to use different processes to make chitin derivatives, which are widely used in different industries such as medicine, agriculture, food, cosmetics, and environmental protection.

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Port: Qingdao
Brand: Dorcas
Min. Order: 25kgs
Delivery: within 3 workdays
Items Specifications
Appearance Off White Powder
DAC ≥85%
Average Molecular Weight ≤3000DA
Ash               ≤5%


Mesh size       ≤100Mesh
Insolubles      ≤1%

Efficacy: Promote the production of roots and promote the germination of plant seeds

Strong bactericidal ability, improve soil

Improve crop quality and increase yield



Compared with other plant regulators, chitosan has the advantages of naturalness, non-toxicity, good environmental compatibility, high activity, and easy degradation. Therefore, it has great development prospects in agriculture. 

Provide 1% concentration of chitosan solution, when using, you can spray the leaves directly without adding water. If it is used as a preventive method, the concentration of chitosan can be diluted to 0.2%, that is, it can be mixed with 4 times of water when using it. For example, as a preventive effect, a 1% concentration solution can be provided. When in use, add 400ml of water to 100ml of the solution to get a total of 500ml for foliar spraying.