Sep 11, 2023

What is rotation?


Rotation is a biological measure that combines land use and land cultivation. Common crops include crop rotation, soybean rotation, grain and cash crop rotation, water drought rotation, and grass field rotation.

Why rotate?
The long-term continuous cultivation of a crop or a form of multiple cropping on the same land is called continuous cropping, also known as continuous cropping. The harm of continuous cropping is often greater than that of continuous cropping; Two years of continuous cropping is called 'Yingzuo'. These can all lead to reduced production, such as disease occurrence, soil nutrient imbalance, and soil ecological deterioration. Therefore, in order to achieve sustained high yield and quality of crops, it is necessary to implement rotation

Basic principles of vegetable rotation
Determine the rotation mode based on the characteristics of pathogenic bacteria. The host range of rotifers such as yellow wilt disease is relatively wide, and cotton and eggplant plants such as potatoes and eggplants in the Solanaceae family rotate, causing the disease to become increasingly severe as they are all hosts of rotifers. The survival time of different pests and diseases in the soil of crops varies, and the number of years of rotation also varies.
Dioscoreaceae: yam, Japanese yam, taro;
Chenopodiaceae: spinach, sugar beet, Suaeda salsa;
Umbelliferae: Carrot, water celery, parsley, celery, fennel, coriander, etc;
Compositae: burdock, lettuce, chrysanthemum;
Labiatae: perilla, mint;
Ginger family: ginger;
Convolvulaceae: sweet potatoes;
Liliaceae: leeks, garlic, scallions, onions, asparagus, lilies, etc.

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