Aug 31, 2023
First of all, without considering any factors, the price range of a set of Organic fertilizer production equipment can range from tens of thousands to millions of yuan. Let's explain the specific price in case to see what kind of situation you meet.

1 Use the simplest equipment to produce fermented Organic fertilizer
If it is small-scale production of Organic fertilizer and does not need exquisite packaging and sales, it only needs to carry out the early fermentation process, and does not need to carry out the late deep processing. At present, there are three types of Organic fertilizer fermentation equipment:
1) Organic fertilizer fermentation tank
The fermentation tank is suitable for treating Manure with strict environmental protection requirements and high requirements on fermentation efficiency. Currently, Organic fertilizer can be treated in the fermentation tank as soon as 8 hours to produce a batch of raw materials. At the same time, the fermentation tank can be equipped with a deodorization system to perfectly solve the problem of environmental pollution, and can be produced at any time without being affected by external temperature and environmental topography, Then the price of Organic fertilizer fermentation tank with a minimum processing capacity of 5 cubic meters is about 100000 yuan.

2) Self-propelled tipping machine
The self-propelled tipping machine is divided into wheel type and crawler type. At present, the crawler type tipping machine is the most widely used, which is characterized by large processing capacity and can be moved at will. It is suitable for Organic fertilizer tipping operation in open areas, and suitable for Organic fertilizer processing plants that do not want to carry out a large number of civil works. The price of the belt type tipping machine is about 50000 yuan.

2 Production of powdered Organic fertilizer
The production of powdered Organic fertilizer is to carry out fine crushing treatment on the basis of Organic fertilizer fermentation, and the required equipment: fermentation dumper, forklift bin, semi wet material grinder, drum screening machine, automatic packaging scale. The price of the smallest powder Organic fertilizer production equipment is about 100000 yuan.
3、 Production of granular Organic fertilizer
At present, the production process of granular Organic fertilizer is the most complex, which is also based on the continuous fermentation process and powdered Organic fertilizer wages. Therefore, the required equipment is also relatively comprehensive, including fermentation dumper, forklift bin, semi wet material grinder, horizontal mixer, mixing teeth granulator, rotary dryer, rotary cooler, drum screening machine, film coating machine, and automatic packaging machine. In cases where there are special process requirements, dynamic ingredient weighing is also required. The price of the minimum specification full set of equipment is around 200000 yuan.

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