Sep 05, 2023
1、 Advantages of amino acid foliar fertilizer
1) Alanine: it can increase the synthesis of chlorophyll, regulate the opening of stomata, and resist bacteria;
2) Arginine: it enhances root development, is the precursor of polyamine synthesis of plant endogenous hormone, and improves the ability of crops to resist salt stress;
3)Aspartic acid: improve seed germination, protein synthesis, and provide nitrogen for growth during stress period;
4)Cysteine: sulfur containing amino acids to maintain cell function and as an antioxidant;
5)Glutamate: stimulates plant growth and improves resistance to adverse climatic conditions;
6)Glycine: it has a unique effect on the photosynthesis of crops, is conducive to the growth of crops, increases the sugar content of crops, and is a natural metal chelator;
7) Isoleucine and leucine: improve the resistance to salt stress, improve the pollen vitality and germination, and the precursor of aroma;
8) Methionine: the precursor of the synthesis of ethylene and polyamines in plants;
9)Phenylalanine: it promotes the synthesis of lignin and the precursor of anthocyanin synthesis;

10) Proline: increase the tolerance of plants to osmotic stress and improve the stress resistance and pollen vitality of plants;
11)Serine: participate in cell tissue differentiation and promote germination;
12)Threonine: improve tolerance and insect pest damage, and improve humification process;

13)Tryptophan: the precursor of the synthesis of endogenous hormone auxin indoleacetic acid, which improves the synthesis of aromatic compounds;
14)Tyrosine: increase drought tolerance and pollen germination;
15)Valine: improve seed germination rate and improve crop flavor.
16) Lysine: enhance chlorophyll synthesis and drought tolerance;

2 Precautions for use of amino acid leaf fertilizer
1)Spraying: for household vegetables or small vegetable gardens, the spraying should be mainly on the back of vegetable leaves, so as to improve the nutrient absorption rate.
2)Spraying time: foliar spraying should be carried out in the morning and afternoon and evening to reduce high-temperature evaporation at noon.

3)A small amount of foliar fertilizer should be applied more frequently. During the whole top dressing process, attention should be paid to controlling the number and amount of spraying. The amount of spraying should be calculated according to the area each time. Excessive spraying is not allowed. Frequent fertilization is required to promote the full absorption and utilization of nutrients every time.

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