Dec 07, 2022
Fertilizers need to be supplied for a long time. It is better to apply them according to the physiological characteristics of crops in different periods. There is no need to blindly pursue quick availability. Now many illegal manufacturers have found out the farmers' psychology. They add a lot of hormones or a lot of low-quality nitrogen fertilizer into the fertilizer they make. The label says that the ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium is very good, or it contains high nitrogen and high potassium. The farmers will naturally take effect soon after application.
However, few farmers have noticed that the application of such fertilizers often causes problems such as crop growth, poor flower bud differentiation and premature senescence, and on the contrary, reduces the overall yield. Therefore, I would like to remind farmers that they must make rational choices when purchasing fertilizers, and those that will take effect quickly after application may not be good fertilizers.
Chemical fertilizers are applied to the soil for crops to absorb, and their utilization rates are generally not high. For example, the utilization rate of nitrogen fertilizer for rice is about 50%, and that of phosphorus fertilizer is 20%~30%. If deep fertilization is combined with seaweed organic fertilizer, the utilization rate of fertilizer can be greatly improved and the loss of fertilizer can be reduced. The feature of deep fertilization is that the fertilizer is applied deep into the tillage layer and is slowly absorbed and utilized by crops.

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