Jun 16, 2022
Seaweed fertilizer can be used for peach tree expansion.
Seaweed fertilizer has a good effect on strengthening seedlings and promoting roots. When used in the expansion period of peach trees, it can activate the absorption activity of roots, activate the medium and trace elements in roots, and promote the absorption of nutrients by peach trees.
Topdressing fertilizer in peach tree expansion period, combined with seaweed extract on the basis of reasonable application of water-soluble fertilizer to promote flower and fruit expansion, has a good effect on promoting flower and fruit expansion and sweetening. It is natural for peach trees to increase production with good fruit management and fertilization.
However, it should be noted that the effect of seaweed fertilizer on the yield of peach trees is to promote expansion and protect flowers and fruits. If the supply of water-soluble fertilizer is insufficient, the fruit is deficient in elements or the water supply is insufficient, the effect of yield increase is not obvious, and even the fruit may fall due to the serious lack of trace elements. Although seaweed fertilizer contains organic matter and potassium fertilizer, it ignores the application of a large number of elements and the timely supplement of medium and trace elements, and the yield increase effect of using seaweed fertilizer alone is not obvious.

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