Jun 27, 2022
Generally speaking, the reason for the three falls is that the environmental conditions are not appropriate, the temperature is too low, the soil nutrition is insufficient, the light is dim, and the pepper is lack of nutrition. The main solution is to find out the main causes of the disease and carry out scientific and reasonable treatment to achieve the purpose of solving the problem.
1 solve the relatively suitable temperature
Keep the temperature stable during plant growth. When the ground temperature is lower than 18 ℃, the root function of pepper begins to decline; When the temperature is lower than 8 ℃, the plant also stops growing except the root system;When the temperature is lower than 15 ℃, the pollination of pepper is seriously affected. Although pepper can blossom, the pollen tube can not extend normally, the pollen germination is difficult, and the pollination task can not be completed, resulting in flower falling; When the temperature is higher than 35 ℃, pollination is not allowed; When the soil temperature is higher than 30 ℃, the root system will be injured and flowers will fall.
2. Sufficient and balanced soil nutrition for pepper cultivation
Before planting pepper, if the nutrition of base fertilizer is insufficient, the soil fertility will be insufficient, or the medium and trace elements will be lacking, which will cause growth disorder and plant prosperity. Before planting, different fertilization standards should be selected according to their own cultivation methods and varieties, and nutrition should be sufficient and balanced as far as possible, so as to ensure the normal growth and development of pepper.

3. The cultivation of pepper should select the land with appropriate light
During the growth period of pepper, it is necessary to meet the needs of light. In case of continuous overcast and rainy weather, flowers, fallen leaves and fruits will also fall, which is an inevitable phenomenon.
4. Capsicum cannot lack nutrients during its growth
Capsicum deficiency is the main cause of Capsicum "three drops". During the growth period of pepper, the specific symptoms will not be the same due to different nutrient elements.
(1) Lack of nitrogen fertilizer: short plants, yellow leaves and easy to fall off.
(2) Lack of phosphate fertilizer: the plant grows slowly, the leaves are dark green, the leaf tips are black and begin to fall leaves.
(3) Lack of potassium fertilizer: pepper plants also grow slowly, the leaf edges turn yellow and gradually expand the range, and finally dry up.
(4) Lack of calcium fertilizer: the pepper lacks calcium fertilizer at the early flowering stage, the plant is very short, the top leaves gradually turn yellow, the growth point and its surrounding areas begin to wither, and the lower part of the pepper fruit turns brown and begins to rot;
In a word, the phenomenon of "three falling" of pepper occurs. When flowers, fruits and leaves fall, the temperature in the greenhouse should be adjusted accordingly, the light intensity should be increased, top dressing should be paid attention to, more algae organic fertilizer should be applied, and medium and trace element fertilizers should be supplemented to meet the needs of pepper growth and development. The "three falling" phenomenon of flowers, fruits and leaves will be quickly solved by ensuring the normal growth and development of pepper.

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