Dec 15, 2022

Yunnan has a large mountainous area and diversified crops. At first, farmers did not care about the use of pesticides for scientific fertilization, and there was no big gap in income. However, with the development of Yunnan's agriculture and the value of economic crops listed at staggered peak, high-quality flowers, fruits and vegetables are gradually favored by the public, and the market prices of different quality crops are gradually opening a gap. As a result, more and more growers pay attention to plant nutrition, which is one of the key factors for amino acid fertilize of Qingdao Dorcas to  open the flower market in Yunnan .

Yunnan has strong ultraviolet rays and sufficient sunshine time. In this process, it is necessary to use medium and trace elements to improve crop sunburn and other conditions. Take rose as an example. In the process of crop growth, timely calcium supplementation can brighten the color of flower buds, enhance the flexibility of leaves, reduce the loss during transportation, and increase the income for growers to a certain extent. Medium and micro fertilizers not only perform well in flowers, but also in grapes, strawberries and other fruits. Timely calcium supplementation of grapes can effectively solve the problems of calcium deficiency such as cracked fruit, soft fruit, poor taste and short transportation period. As one of the core brands of Qingdao Dorcas, alginate oligosaccharide calcium has been widely recognized by farmers once it is listed because it can be mixed with potassium dihydrogen phosphate.

The capacity of organic fertilizer in fertilizer market is limited. The difference in market competition mainly lies in the level of technology and the quality of raw materials. As a result, Qingdao Dorcas has a place. In addition to its excellent quality, it also has the support and recognition from dealers and growers.

Dorcas, a leading biotechnology factory in Qingdao, China. As top three manufacturers of seaweed fertilizer in China with more than12 years of experience. We produce seaweed ex tract, organic granular fertilizer, liquid foliar & vigoroot fertilizer and liquid chitosan fertilizer with biological enzymolysis method. We passed ECOCERT and IMO certification.

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