Nov 24, 2021

How to distinguish seaweed essence and mineral potassium fulvic acid?

Mineral source potassium fulvic acid refers to the natural high molecular organic matter formed by organic matter such as animal and plant residues through microbial decomposition, transformation and geochemical process. It is mostly extracted from peat, lignite and weathered coal. It is an excellent organic matter. It is a natural mineral active potassium element fertilizer, rich in almost all amino acids, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, various enzymes, sugar proteins, nucleic acids, VC, VE, a large number of B vitamins and other nutrients required for plant growth.

seaweed essence takes natural seaweed as the main raw material and is extracted by low-temperature biological enzymatic hydrolysis. It is rich in seaweed polysaccharides, oligosaccharides, phenols, betaine, mannitol and other natural active substances to meet the needs of crop growth. Promote root growth, improve flower setting and fruit setting rate, promote fruit expansion, coloring and precocity, improve crop quality and yield. Protein, amino acids, vitamins and other active substances, while containing iodine, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and a variety of trace elements. It has good antioxidant and inducibility, can delay crop aging and prolong harvest time. It is rich in antioxidant substances and plant growth regulators, which can regulate plant metabolism and improve crop stress resistance and immunity. The use of seaweed essence can reduce the pesticide damage, and has a certain repair effect. It can heal and repair the injured plant combination.

Under what circumstances should mineral potassium fulvic acid be used?

1. Soil acidification and saline alkali land. The use of mineral source potassium fulvic acid in severely acidified soil or saline alkali land can not only improve the soil, but also help plants resist the impact of adverse environment on plant growth.

2. Mineral source potassium fulvic acid for soil hardening. The soil is hardened and lack of oxygen, the content of organic matter is low, the orchard fruit trees are seriously etiolated, and the soil needs to be improved urgently. The mineral source potassium fulvic acid can be applied together with fertilizer.

3.There are few beneficial bacteria in the soil. There are few beneficial bacteria in the soil, there are many harmful bacteria, and the effect of using biological agents is not good. Mineral potassium fulvic acid can be used. Mineral potassium fulvic acid is a good carbon source, which can improve the rich nutrients for the survival of beneficial bacteria.

4.Due to low ground temperature and poor fertilizer flushing effect, mineral source potassium fulvic acid can be added. In winter, the ground temperature is low, and the effect is good by adding some mineral source potassium fulvic acid.

5.The mineral source potassium fulvic acid is used before the dry season. In dry weather, flushing and applying mineral source potassium fulvic acid can effectively resist drought and retain water and reduce the impact of drought on crops.

6.If the growth is weak and the root system is not good, use the mineral source potassium fulvic acid. If the crop root system is damaged and yellow, and the root system is not good, the mineral source potassium fulvic acid can be washed and applied several times, which is conducive to rooting and root cultivation.

7.If the fruit quality is not good, mineral potassium fulvic acid can be used. In order to make the fruit glossy and smooth, it is suggested to apply mineral source potassium fulvic acid and start using it at the flowering and fruiting stage, which plays a great role in improving the quality.

When seaweed essence collides with mineral potassium fulvic acid, what effect can it bring?
1. Algal extract + mineral source potassium fulvic acid can take root rapidly. New roots, lateral roots and hairy roots can be found 3-5 days after application; Make the leaves dark green, thick, shiny, healthy and strong; It can also effectively repair and activate soil, passivate heavy metal residues, reduce agricultural residues and adjust acid-base.

2.Algal extract + mineral source potassium fulvic acid can supplement carbon source for crops, achieve carbon balance, improve crop sub-health, increase crop chlorophyll and prevent various leaf diseases; Improve the sugar content of fruit, improve the market, yield and quality in the morning.

3.Seaweed essence + mineral potassium fulvic acid can play a good role in bacteriostasis; A variety of enzymes secreted by beneficial bacteria can resist the invasion of pathogenic bacteria, repair plant nutrient recycling, improve the disease resistance of crops, prevent multiple fungal and bacterial diseases such as continuous cropping, dead trees, premature senescence, root rot, ulcer, Fusarium wilt, early flower and fruit falling, and reduce the input of agricultural drugs.

4. Seaweed essence + mineral source potassium fulvic acid can promote the solidified large, medium and trace elements in the soil, balance nutrition, significantly improve the utilization and absorption rate of fertilizers and pesticides, improve ground temperature, make crops grow steadily, improve stress resistance, drought resistance and cold resistance, promote flower bud differentiation, keep flowers and expand fruits, increase color and sweetness.

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