Mar 29, 2023
The alginic acid in algal extract can reduce the surface tension of water and form a protective film on the surface of plants, so that nutrients can easily enter the plants through the cells on the surface of stems and leaves, so that the plants can quickly absorb the nutrients in algal extract. Algal extract is rich in various plant growth stimulants and also contains natural antibiotics. It has an antiviral effect, which can be said to be a double effect of fertilizer and medicine.
In addition to algal essence, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and trace elements, there are many substances that play a major role in algal fertilizer.
1. Alginic acid: it can reduce the surface tension of water, make its effective components very stable, easy to store and easy to use; It is very conducive to the absorption and utilization of various nutrients by plants and ensures that various nutrients are in an effective state;

2. Cytokinin (also known as cytokinin): it is a kind of purine derivative with physiological activity, whose function is to accelerate cell division and promote plant growth;

3. Plant auxin: it can stimulate the development of crop root system and resist cold;

4. Gibberellin: it can promote plant germination, growth, flowering and fruit bearing;

5. Abscisic acid (ABA), also known as abscisic acid, is a plant growth inhibitor, which can promote the maturation of abscisic cells of plants and cause Organ Abscission;

6. Ethylene: ethylene can promote the synthesis of RNA and protein, increase the permeability of cell membrane, and accelerate respiration. Therefore, when the ethylene content in the fruit increases, the synthesized auxin can be decomposed by the enzymes in the plant or the external light, which can promote the transformation of the organic matter and accelerate the ripening of the fruit;

7. Betaine: it is a derivative of amino acid or sub amino acid, which can greatly improve the content of plant chlorophyll at very low concentration;
8. Polyamine: it is a plant growth factor that promotes fertilization, plays an important role in flower bud differentiation and embryo development of plants, delays plant senescence, is conducive to storage and preservation of fruits after maturity, and is detoxified through conversion into alkaloids;

9. Algal polysaccharide: it can not only chelate heavy metal ions, but also increase the air permeability of the soil. This kind of soil air-conditioning function makes the soil not easy to be eroded and lost by wind and water. Its unique stress resistance greatly reduces the application of pesticides;
10. Quinone group and polyphenols: combined with humic acid salts, they participate in the redox reaction of crops, significantly improve the activity of sugar invertase and the synthesis of phosphorus containing organic compounds, and greatly increase the sugar content of melons, fruits and vegetables. It can also prolong the storage period of melons and fruits for 10 to 30 days and prolong the flowering period for about 40 days;

11. Mannitol: it can greatly increase the water absorption and retention capacity and chlorophyll content of crops, and increase the leaf area by more than 10%.
In general, algal extract can promote root growth, increase leaf area and photosynthesis, promote leaf bud and flower bud differentiation, improve pollination and fruit setting rate, promote fruit expansion, promote coloring, improve sugar content, improve quality, improve yield, and enhance the resistance of crops to pests, drought, freezing, waterlogging and nematodes. After special treatment, the effective ingredients in seaweed extract are in an active state that is easily absorbed by plants. After 2-3 hours of use, they enter the plant body, showing a rapid absorption and conduction speed.

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