Oct 30, 2021

Brother Jiang is a good local hand in planting yellow peach, and he is also very careful in choosing fertilizer. He believes that when fertilizing yellow peach trees, we must reasonably arrange the amount of fertilizer according to the growth of yellow peach trees. Now, he has chosen to apply Elim Carol liquid seaweed fertilizer produced by Qingdao Dorcas Biotechnology Co., Ltd. for three consecutive times.

Test demonstration information

Demonstration site: a farm in Jiangling Count, Hubei Province

Demonstration household: brother Jiang

Crop:  yellow peach

Technician: Zhang Guo

Usage: dilute with water 1:700 times, spray on the leaves.

This is the picture after the first use. The fruit expands quickly, bears many fruits, and the leaves are dark green.

After using Elim Carol three times, the fruit of yellow peach is bright, no cracking, and the fruit is sweet!



Elim carol is seaweed oligosaccharide fertilizer that can be mixed with potassium dihydrogen phosphate! The mixed reaction with potassium dihydrogen phosphate is solved, which has four characteristics:

Good mixing: it can be directly mixed with potassium dihydrogen phosphate and has good compatibility with other fertilizers and pesticides;

Good mobility: Bagged fruits can continue to be supplemented through leaves and roots after bagging, and beautiful fruits can increase fruit powder significantly;

Good adsorption: add a variety of additives to increase fertilizer permeability and contact time with leaves and roots, and significantly improve the utilization rate;

No harmful ingredients: the product does not contain hormone ingredients, and the content of inorganic salt is low, which is safer

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