Nov 10, 2021
  1. Characteristics of spinach seeds                                                                                                                                                                                                Spinach seeds have thick and hard pericarp, which can be divided into those with or without thorns. They are planted directly. Due to the blocking of thick pericarp, the absorption of water is relatively slow, and the germination is uneven and relatively late, resulting in uneven seedling emergence and poor uniformity.
     2.Select seeds
        After knowing the characteristics of seeds, we should also know when spinach seeds are. Although spinach seeds have a long germination                period, according to the test, the germination rate of spinach seeds preserved for about 3 ~ 5 years is about 50%, and the germination rate of            spinach seeds preserved for 1 ~ 2 years can reach more than 85%. Therefore, when choosing spinach seeds, we should try not to choose the              seeds that have been aged for more than three years to avoid failing to achieve the desired results after sowing. For the seeds you choose to              keep, before seed treatment, you can use a dustpan to winnow out the light shriveled seeds and dry them in the sun for about two days. Do           not expose the spinach seeds directly on the cement ground to avoid reducing the germination rate. After understanding the above two                   steps,  you can proceed to step 3.
3. Sprouting method
(1) Directly rub the seeds with the sole, and then soak them in 0.1% potassium permanganate aqueous solution for about 24 hours. After taking them out, rinse them in clean water, wrap them with wet yarn cloth, and put them in an environment of about 18 degrees for germination. Generally, seeds can be sown after they are exposed for 3 ~ 5 days.
(2) The seeds shall be treated with variable temperature. The spinach seeds rubbed open shall be soaked in cold water. The water temperature is about 15 degrees. About one day and one night, the seeds shall be fished out, wrapped with gauze and placed in a three degree environment for low-temperature refrigeration. The refrigeration time is generally 10 ~ 12 hours, which is very helpful to improve the germination rate of spinach seeds. Then, take out the seeds, Place the seeds in a 16 ~ 18 degree shading environment for germination, wash the seed surface with clean water every day, wash with warm water of about 18 ~ 20 degrees in autumn and winter, and directly wash with cool water in summer. When about 75% of the seeds are white, they can be sown.
(3) Seed coating agent: dry the prepared seeds for two days, select them by wind, remove the seeds that are not full, and leave the seeds that are full and free of diseases and insect pests. Rub the skin with the sole or rub them in half, soak them in 0.2% potassium dihydrogen phosphate aqueous solution for about 10 hours, remove the surface moisture after taking them out, and then mix the seeds with Gaoqiao seed coating agent, and sow them with a little drying.