Mar 24, 2023
The method of spraying fertilizer to make plants obtain nutrient elements through leaves is called foliar fertilization. For the purpose of foliar absorption, it is called foliar fertilizer.

Why spray on the leaves?

1. Supplement the deficiency of root fertilization
When the root fertilization of crops is inconvenient, such as in the late stage of crop growth, the root vigor declines and the fertilizer absorption capacity decreases; Or when the soil environment is unfavorable to the growth of crops, such as excessive water, drought, excessive acid and alkali in the soil, causing the absorption of crop roots to be blocked.
At this time, the crop needs to resume its growth rapidly. If the root application method cannot meet the needs of the crop in time, only the foliage spraying method can rapidly supplement the nutrition and meet the needs of the crop growth and development.

2. Replenish nutrition quickly
In the process of crop growth, crops have shown some nutrient deficiency symptoms. Because it takes a certain time to use soil fertilization, nutrients can be absorbed by crops, which can not alleviate the nutrient deficiency symptoms of crops in time. At this time, applying foliar fertilizer can make nutrients quickly enter the plant through the leaves, and solve the problem of nutrient deficiency. It is recommended to choose  liquid seaweed foliar fertilizer and amino acid foliar fertilizer, which can absorb nutrients quickly, have high utilization rate, use less and have good effect.
3. Give full play to fertilizer effect
Some fertilizers, such as phosphorus, iron, manganese, copper, zinc, etc., are easy to be fixed by the soil and affect the application effect if they are applied as roots, while foliar spraying will not be limited by the soil conditions.
4 Economical
Various trace elements are essential nutrients in the process of crop growth and development, but the amount of application is very small. For example, the amount of application of molybdenum fertilizer is only tens of grams per mu. If the root application method is used, it is not easy to apply evenly. Only by foliage spraying can it achieve economic and effective.
According to the research calculation, the utilization rate of boron for general crops sprayed with boron fertilizer on their leaves is 8.18 times that of basic fertilizer. In terms of economic benefits, foliar spraying is more cost-effective than root spraying.

5 Reduce soil pollution
Applying a large amount of nitrogen fertilizer to the soil is easy to cause the accumulation of nitrate in groundwater and vegetables, which is harmful to human health.

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