Alginate oligosaccharides Ca+Mg

Products Mode: MA-016 SY
Place of Origin: China
Material: kelp
Colors: dark brown

The traditional preparation method of brown algae oligosaccharide is to degrade large brown algae rich in algin by alkali solution. This method will destroy the active components in brown algae and cause great environmental pollution. Moreover, the brown algae oligosaccharides prepared by alkaline hydrolysis technology have unstable polymerization degree, which leads to unstable effect.

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Alginate≥50g/L   Mg+Ca≥100g/L  mannitol≥5g/L
Seaweed essence is used as a synergistic additive to add seaweed essence to fertilizer production. The common addition method is to add seaweed essence to a large number of elemental water-soluble fertilizer, organic water-soluble fertilizer, humic acid containing water-soluble fertilizer, etc. adding a small amount of alginate raw powder can improve fertilizer efficiency and nutritional value. Therefore, some fertilizer enterprises add seaweed essence raw powder to the urea raw materials of drum granulation and high tower granulation, and some enterprises add seaweed essence to the high tower nitro compound fertilizer products with ammonium nitrate solution as raw material.
Nowadays, the full development and utilization of seaweed fertilizer has become a hot research topic. Making seaweed extract into fertilizer and fertilizer additives can enrich the types of fertilizers in the existing technology and increase the efficiency and value of traditional fertilizers such as urea and compound fertilizer. At the same time, seaweed extract can be used as raw material to make high-end foliar fertilizer and flush fertilization, which can improve crop quality and yield, improve crop stress resistance, effectively improve soil environment and reduce pollution, and has good social and economic benefits. As a new functional fertilizer, the gain effect of seaweed fertilizer on crop growth has been widely recognized by agricultural workers. However, the research on its efficacy mechanism has not been thorough, and the synergy and structure-activity relationship of various active components in seaweed extract are not clear, which still needs further research.