Mar 24, 2023
We need to spray foliar fertilizer in the  following five conditions 

1)When the root system of a crop is aging and its absorption capacity is weakened
In the late growth stage of annual crops, root activity declines and fertilizer absorption capacity decreases.
If it is necessary to apply topdressing fertilizer to crops, the root application method cannot meet the needs of the crops. At this time, it is appropriate to choose amino acid foliar fertilizer for foliar spraying, which can quickly supplement nutrients, promote the strength of the crop body, and improve stress resistance.

2)Must be applied when crops are suffering from nutrient deficiency
During the growth process of crops, when they have shown some nutrient deficiency symptoms, if soil fertilization is used, it will take a certain period of time for nutrients to be absorbed by the crops, which cannot alleviate the nutrient deficiency symptoms of the crops in a timely manner.

For example, when vegetables are short of certain trace elements and their leaves turn yellow and green, spraying amino acid foliar fertilizer on the leaves can give full play to the advantages of rapid absorption of foliar fertilizer, allowing nutrients to quickly pass through the leaves and enter the plant body. These symptoms of nutrient deficiency can be alleviated in a timely manner, with better effects and higher utilization efficiency than topdressing fertilizer in the soil.
3)Must be applied when crop growth is affected by adverse environmental conditions
When the soil environment is adverse to crop growth, such as excessive water or drought, or when the soil is too acidic or too alkaline, it can cause the absorption of nutrients by crop roots to be hindered.Crops need to quickly resume growth, so foliar fertilizer spraying is needed to quickly supplement nutrients and meet the needs of crop growth and development.

4)Quickly supplement medium and trace elements, and try to use foliar fertilizer
Using foliar spraying will not be limited by soil conditions, and has the advantages of using less fertilizer, achieving quick results, high utilization efficiency, safety, and no pollution.

5)Must be applied when soil fertilization is difficult to operate
For crops covered with plastic film and plots without drip irrigation belts, it is difficult to apply soil topdressing when the amount of base fertilizer is insufficient. Therefore, it is necessary to select foliar spraying fertilizer to supplement the nutrient requirements.
However, some deep root crops have relatively low absorption of certain nutrients, and if traditional fertilization methods are used, it is difficult to apply them to the root absorption sites, nor can they fully exert their fertilizer efficiency. However, foliar spraying can achieve better results.


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