Jul 03, 2021
Amino acid fertilizer is a kind of organic and inorganic compound, which takes plant amino acid as substrate, uses its huge surface activity and adsorption capacity, adds nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, iron, copper, manganese, zinc, aluminum, boron, etc.) needed by plant growth and development, and forms through redundancy and complexation.

Amino acid fertilizer can not only keep the slow release and full utilization of large elements, but also ensure the stable and long-term effect of trace elements. Its affinity with plants is incomparable with any other substance.

The effects of amino acids on soil are as follows:

1. Amino acids can improve the soil
Promote the formation of soil aggregate: soil aggregate is the basic unit of soil structure. Using amino acids can change the physical and chemical properties of soil with high salt content, strong alkalinity, highly dispersed soil particles and poor soil structure, and promote the formation of soil aggregates. After applying amino acids, the soil bulk density decreased significantly, and the total porosity and water holding capacity increased correspondingly, which is helpful to improve the ability of soil water and fertilizer conservation, So as to create good conditions for the growth and development of plant roots.

2. Effects of amino acids on soil microflora and enzyme activities

Soil microorganism is one of the most important factors in soil composition, which is the transformation of soil organic and inorganic matter and the cycle of nutrient elements; It also has an important influence on the formation of enzyme, which is an indispensable bioactive substance in the process of plant life. Amino acids can promote the activities of soil microorganisms, increase the number of soil microorganisms and enhance the activity of soil enzymes. A large number of research data at home and abroad have confirmed that the application of amino acids can increase the number of aerobic bacteria, actinomycetes and cellulose decomposing bacteria. It is beneficial to accelerate the mineralization of organic matter and promote the release of nutrients.

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