Oct 30, 2021

Qingdao Dorcas has an independent kelp resource industry base of thousands of acres, with an annual output of more than 160,000 tons of fresh kelp. The base is located in the west side of the Yellow Sea in China. The seawater is rich in a large number of nutrients required for kelp production. Qingdao Dorcas enzymatically hydrolyzed fresh kelp puree organic water-soluble fertilizer, selects high-quality fresh kelp from May to August as raw materials, ensuring the world-class quality of kelp organic fertilizer from the source.

The transportation distance from the kelp resource industry base to the production workshop is only 3 kilometers, which ensures that Qingdao Dorcas use 100% pure fresh kelp as raw materials. The production adopts low-temperature enzymatic hydrolysis patented technology, which breaks the cell wall of kelp and releases the natural active nutrients in the cell. Every drop is full of kelp essence. The product is rich in seaweed polysaccharides and oligosaccharides, mannitol, betaine, phenolic polymer compounds and other kelp active substances, large and medium trace mineral elements, and natural biological stimulants derived from kelp. The nutrition is rich and comprehensive, allowing blue ocean nutrition to be implanted Green agriculture creates an excellent brand of China's eco-fertilizer seaweed material.

Dorcas,a leading biotechnology factory in Qingdao, China. As top three manufacturers of seaweed fertilizer in China with more than12 years of experience. We produce seaweed extract, organic granular fertilizer, liquid foliar & vigoroot fertilizer and liquid chitosan fertilizer with biological enzymolysis method. We passed ECOCERT and IMO certification.

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