Fish protein organic liquid fertilizer

Products Mode: DA-006SY
Place of Origin: China
Material: fish
Colors: dark brown

In recent years, new fertilizers have emerged one after another. After humic acid fertilizer, seaweed fertilizer and biological bacterial fertilizer, fish protein fertilizer has sprung up. Fish protein fertilizer is rich in organic matter, fish protein, polypeptide, biological polysaccharide and so on.

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The use of fish protein fertilizer can promote the development of roots, improve photosynthesis, promote plant growth, facilitate flower bud differentiation and early maturity, and greatly improve the quality. Spraying on fruit trees can make the leaves green and shiny, reduce diseases, reduce flower and fruit dropping, have good fruit type, high sweetness, good quality of melons and vegetables, high yield, rich nutrition, good taste and bright color, It is a pollution-free green nutrient fertilizer.

Fish protein fertilizer refers to a kind of material extracted from fish, which is made by using its own enzyme or microbial decomposition and digestion to degrade the protein into low molecular peptides and amino acids, combined with advanced technology. Because it is taken from fish, it is a natural environmental protection fertilizer, and contains a variety of medium and trace element nutrients, which is beneficial to crop growth.