Dec 13, 2022
1、 Weak trees have small fruits
Because the fruit trees with weak growth have fewer leaves, and the leaves are also smaller, and the chlorophyll is less, which leads to less photosynthesis and less organic matter and nutrition.
Although the growth speed of young fruits is the same, in the later stage, the fruit of weak trees grows slowly, so the fruit is small.
2、 The fruit is small in the early stage and large in the later stage
If you are more careful, you will find that as long as there are a large number of sprouting trees on the trees in the middle and late June, the fruit does not grow much.
This is because the vegetative growth of vigorous trees will be greater than the reproductive growth, and these are still the quality problems of flower buds. In addition, this year, the strips stop growing again, and part of the nutrition will be used for the strips, so all the nutrition can not be used for the fruits. Therefore, the fruit in the early stage is not big, but after the long strip stops growing, the fruit can still grow in the later stage because there are more leaves on the long strip.
3、 After fruit setting, the fruit is generally small without topdressing
After the new shoots of the fruit tree stop growing, the nutrition synthesized by the leaves of the whole tree will be basically used for fruit expansion, accumulation and flowering, and the first is fruit expansion.
If the nutrition is not used up after the fruit is expanded, the surplus nutrition will be accumulated and flowered. Therefore, the fruit must be large after the post flower dressing improves the function of the leaves. Of course, if you don't topcoat, the fruit must be smaller! It is an important factor that affects the fruit size to apply expanded fruit fertilizer at the fruit expansion stage. Qingdao Dorcas seaweed fertilizer, which is completely water-soluble and easy to absorb. It can quickly expand the fruit, promote the accumulation of sugar in the fruit and improve the quality of the fruit
4、 The quality of flower bud determines the size of fruit
Fruit trees are generally alternate year crops, and the flowers in this year are usually formed last year. The strength of the trees last year, the number of fruits left on the trees, the size of the investment, and the light intensity of the trees will all affect the quality of flower bud differentiation last year.
For example, last year was a big year for fruit trees. A large amount of tree nutrition will be used for fruit expansion, and the remaining nutrition will become a small amount of flowers. However, because the flower buds are small and dry, and the flower buds are weak, the fruit number this year must be small. It is also known to many people that the fruit in the big year is big and the fruit in the small year is small. Because the previous year of the big year is a small year, the fruit in the small year is small, the nutrition is abundant, and the flower buds are large and fat, so the fruit in the big year is big.
5、 fruit of old tree is usually smaller
It has been found in many production practices that after a long branch is put into flower, it can bear large fruit for 4 years continuously, and the fruit will be significantly smaller after 4 years. Therefore, the fruit with younger age can grow.

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