Mar 03, 2022
Humic acid is an organic fertilizer extracted from weathered lignite. It is not only conducive to environmental protection, but also plays an important role in the sustainable utilization of soil

In agriculture, humic acid fertilizer is made by combining humic acid with nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other elements (for example, ammonium humic acid fertilizer can be made by neutralizing humic acid with ammonia), which has the functions of increasing fertilizer efficiency, improving soil, stimulating crop growth, improving the quality of agricultural products and so on.

As an organic fertilizer, humic acid can not only provide the nutrients needed by plants, but also slow release other fertilizers and pesticides, improve fertilizer utilization and reduce environmental pollution. It can also enhance the stress resistance of plants and improve the quality of agricultural products.

Amino acids are extracted from plants, constitute the basic unit of protein, endow protein with specific molecular structure and morphology, and make its molecules have biochemical activity. Proteins are important active molecules in organisms, including enzymes that catalyze metabolism.

1. The mixed nutrition effect of multiple amino acids is good: with one amino acid as the sole nitrogen source and foliar spraying, the fertilizer effect is not obvious. The fertilizer effect of single application of most amino acids is lower than that of inorganic nitrogen fertilizer with equal nitrogen amount, and the mixed fertilizer effect of multiple amino acids is higher than that of single amino acid with equal nitrogen amount and inorganic nitrogen fertilizer with equal nitrogen amount. A large number of amino acids improve the utilization rate of nutrients with its superposition effect.

2. Fast fertilizer effect: amino acids in amino acid refined organic fertilizer can be directly absorbed by various organs of plants (inorganic fertilizer and organic fertilizer need to be degraded and passively absorbed or osmotic absorbed under photosynthesis). Obvious effects can be observed in a short time after use; At the same time, it can promote the early maturity of crops and shorten the growth cycle.

3. Improve crop quality: amino acid refined organic fertilizer is mainly composed of amino acids and amino acid complexes, and natural organic matter accounts for a large proportion. Therefore, the quality of crops can be improved. For example, the grain protein content increases by 3%, cotton has good lint quality, long fiber, good palatability of vegetables, pure and delicious taste, reduced crude fiber, long flowering period of flowers, bright flower color, strong aroma, large melons and fruits, good color, increased sugar, more edible parts, good storage resistance, and significant conversion benefits.

4. Clean and pollution-free, improve the ecological environment: the fertilizer applied in the field has no residue, which can improve the physical and chemical properties of the soil, improve the water and fertility retention and air permeability, and play the role of curing, maturing and improving the soil.

5. Enhanced metabolic function and stress resistance: after crop absorption, physiological and biochemical functions are strengthened, with stout stems, thickened leaves, expanded leaf area, increased chlorophyll and prolonged functional period; Due to the improvement of photosynthesis and the acceleration of dry matter formation and accumulation, crops can mature early; Due to its enhanced vitality, it can resist cold and drought, dry hot wind, disease and insect pests, and improve its lodging resistance, so as to achieve stable and high yield.

Enzyme, commonly known as "enzyme", is a protein with catalytic activity. No matter animals or plants, all biological activities need the participation of enzymes. It has two forms, catabolic enzyme and synthase. In fertilizer, it can accelerate the decomposition of organic matter into small molecular substances, which are easier to be absorbed and utilized by plants. At the same time, it can enhance plant activity, accelerate synthesis, and then accelerate plant growth.

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