Dec 22, 2022
1. Moderate application of warm fertilizers to improve the cold resistance of crop plants
In winter, an appropriate amount of liquid fertilizers with cold and antifreeze functions, such as liquid chitosan fertilizer, rooting agent, etc., or warm fertilizers such as plant ash or soil miscellaneous fertilizer and decomposed pig and chicken manure, can be applied to increase soil temperature and plant cold resistance. In addition, amino acid foliar fertilizer can be sprayed to improve the soil, promote plant growth, and improve the cold resistance of crops.
2. Do a good job of plant protection to improve winter cold resistance
(1) Override. Before the severe cold, small crops can be protected from the cold by building a whole straw frame. Tall crops can be covered with cold proof materials, such as straw curtains, or made of waste plastic bags. The temperature can be increased by 2-3 ℃.
(2) Wrap the trunk. Before the severe cold, wrap the main stems and branches of fruit trees and other crops with straw or plastic film, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of freezing injury.
(3) Soil the root and neck. Before freezing, the crops shall be raised on high ridges to prevent cold.
(4) Irrigation. Irrigation before freezing: if the drought is serious in autumn and winter, it can be irrigated once before the severe cold, and if possible, it can be irrigated again before the arrival of cold air, with better effect. Irrigation after freezing: after the crops are frozen, the leaves lose a lot of water, and irrigation must be carried out in time to reduce the loss of water and the withering of crop plants.
3. Smoke the crops to disperse the cold current and frost.
Before the arrival of low temperature or the night of frost, stack weeds, chaff, sawdust, dry branches and leaves or other smoking substances in the crop fields for fumigation. Stack 3-5 piles per mu, and burn smoke at about 10 o'clock in the evening. The fumigation time is 6-10 hours.
4. Strengthen field management and do well in pest control
Cultivate the soil in time to make the soil loose and breathable. Clean the ditches and drain the water to facilitate the growth of the root system. Remove the frozen residues, yellow leaves and dead leaves in time, and effectively control various diseases and pests in winter to make the crops grow healthily.

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